General Foot Care

✅ Gait Analysis

✅ Orthotics / Insoles

✅ Biomechanical Issues

✅ Bunions / Hallux Valgus

✅ Diabetic Care and Assessments

✅ Vascular and Neurological Assessments

✅ Sports Injuries

✅ Heel Pain / Arch Pain / Forefoot Pain

Chiropody Care

✅ Nail Problems

✅ Nail Reconstruction

✅ Fungal Infections

✅ Corns

✅ Ingrown Nails

✅ Athletes Foot

✅ Verrucae

✅ Callus / Hard Skin

✅ Nail Bracing

Ankle X-Ray

Bishopstown Podiatry Clinic

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